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Rumour has it these sausage dog dudes serve the most delicious hotdogs and fresh soft pretzels around.

A World of Quilts by Cassandra Ellis is a book to covet, inspire and learn from – and we have three copies to give away over on the Folksy blog »

What would happen if donkeys inhabited a pub?

James Green tells us about his Pub Scrawl »

Create your own menagerie of Amigurumi animals (with a little help from Kerry Lord’s book and kits.

We love Yvonne Ellen’s new Monochrome Collection.

This new range runs alongside her upcycled vintage tableware, and features animal illustrations on bone china plates finished with black polka dots and gold edge detailing.

Top of our ‘want’ list is her ‘Whale of a Time' plate set. We'd love to see the whale swim across our dinner table. 

Yvonne’s full range is available from her Folksy shop »

Take a tour around Beledien’s studio in our Meet the Maker interview with Melanie Commins (and lust after her vintage Sylko cotton drawers).

Is art still art if it’s created on an iPad? Amy McCarthy investigates over on the Folksy blog »

Images: Andy Maitland / David Hockney ‘me draw on iPad’ exhibition photographed by designboomDavid Kassan

We talk to maker of miniatures Jessica Catherine in this week’s Meet the Maker interview, and find out more about her kiln called Rhonda.

Read the interview here »

Find more of Jessica’s work in her Folksy shop »

"No one gets to live life backwards. Look ahead! That is where your future lies"

Look Ahead Screen Print by Bird House Press on Folksy

House Print No.2, £15 by Simon Smith on Folksy

"In January 2012 I decided that it was time for a new drawing/art-making challenge.

I’d become very aware of just how little we knew of our local area and I was also spending a lot of time indoors stuck behind a desk, so I was keen to find a reason to get out and about a bit more.

So I hit upon the idea of wandering around the locality to find a different house in the area to draw each week, starting with a house numbered 1, and working all the way through to a number 52 in the final week of December 2012.

Each drawing would then be made up into a lino print, with the addition of some text taken from the lyrics of a song on my ipod shuffle, which I’d been listening to as I’d made the original sketches.”

Congratulations to all those clever people who received the A level results they were hoping for today! 

Clever Sausage Greetings Card, £3.25 by Bird House Press on Folksy

Say hello to the Folksy Business In A Day Workshops from Folksy on Vimeo.

James puts his serious face on to introduce the Folksy Business In A Day Workshops :)

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